JODENG Specializes in developing and manufacturing automotive air Conditioning Parts. We provide comprehensive product line with high quality, along with customer service, competitive pricing to meet your needs. We are here at your service anytime !! 

1999, Invest A/C evaporator tooling and working with Delphi Shanghai.
2002, begin to export air conditioning components to US and South Asia.
2006, acquire the FAN JIANG ETERPRISE, who is an pipe bending & precision parts manufacturer in Taiwan, major business is OEM for Taiwan Calsonic Co ; Sampo Co (home electrical appliances, Refrigerator, air conditioner ) .
2007, Invest our own factory in China, to produce condensers, evaporators, and other components for automobile air conditioning and heat-exchangers for industries.
JODENG always keep abreast with the times, honesty, modest as the core management philosophy. Despite facing the ever-changing challenges, we still take a step forward in a positive innovation and sustainable development!
likewise, getting the confidence of customers with our best quality and good service to create a win-win situation is our ultimate target.

JODENG - The Partner Of Your Successful